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SkipEver heard of Skip McGrath? He’s been working in the e-commerce area since 1999 at http://www.skipmcgrath.com/, and he’s accumulated quite a following since then. On a pretty recent post about using Amazon Fulfillment to ship eBay orders (http://www.skipmcgrath.com/articles/ship-ebay-orders-fulfillment-amazon.shtml), he’s given us a shoutout:

I’ve found a new way to increase sales of FBA inventory by cross-listing to eBay with one click.  The service is called JoeLister.  It’s your one-stop shop for launching and fulfilling eBay listings from your Amazon FBA listings. Easy setup.  Free listings.  Quantity Sync.  It’s pretty sweet.  Check out JoeLister and see if it’s a good match for your online business.”

We’ve also been featured on That Kat Radio, an e-commerce podcast:

That Kat

Not bad thus far.

Where We’ve Been