This is a page we will use to display changes to our product. This way you can know what we are working on and be aware of product changes.

= An adjustment to an existing feature
= A user interface or usability enhancement
= A new feature
= A bug fix

June 2020

Launched Enhanced Shipping Profiles Beta
Major Development for JoeLister Shopify Support
Add New Listing Pagination Quantity Choice to Amazon Inventory
Fixed Issues with Updating eBay Handling Time on JOELISTER_SHIPPING_PROFILE
Fixed Issues with Variations Listings

May 2020

Fixed Usability Issues When Performing Update Images to Multiple Items
Made change in FBA Order Processing to Mark Items as Shipped upon Successful FBA Order Placement
Fixed Issues with Customers Getting eBay 37 Errors on Listing
Create New Setting to Enable Customers to Change Settings Related to Mark Shipped
Add Location Exclusions to Default JoeLister Shipping Policy
Fixed Repricing Bug
Fixed Default Order of eBay Sales Issue
Multiple Usability Enhancements to Listing Pages
User Interface Enhancements to Amazon Inventory Page
Fixed Issue with eBay Earnings on Listed Items

April 2020

Create Logic to Prevent Listing Errors on EAN or UPC
Update Price Only Bulk Tool No Longer Working
Change FBA Order Processing Logic
Fixed Issues with Pricing Updates Failing to Set Price Incorrectly
Fixed Date Bug on eBay Sales Page
Resolved Issue with Sorting Gone from Columns in Amazon Inventory
Fixed Price By Formula Link Issues
Fixed Spacing Issues on Amazon Inventory Page
Remove Stranded Actions from Amazon Inventory
Remove Crazy Fast & Free Feature from Advanced Settings
Support for eBay Variation listings released for all

March 2020

Fixed Issue with Best Offer Setting in Settings Not Impacting Bulk Listing Logic
Variations Beta Launched
Fixed Bug in Pricing Formula
Amazon Inventory Filter Changes
Added Protections Against Missed Orders
Fixed Repricing Bug on Amazon Inventory
Fixed Issues With Update Images on Active Listings
Added Easy Way to Do Formatting Inside Description Field
User Interface Improvements on Advanced Settings
Added ASIN field to eBay Listings Page
Fixed Problems Updating Bullets/Features of Product on Active Listing

February 2020

Added logic to Send Emails After Customer Email Change
Changes to eBay Orders Page
Add Best Option Settings to Advanced Settings
Edit Help Bubble Text for Ebay Handling Time
Fixed Issues with German Amazon Reports
Added Update Images Feature
Prevented JoeLister from Importing Amazon Ranking Information
Edited Help Text on Amazon Inventory Page
Fixed Issues When Customers Sell the Same Item on both FBA & Merchant

January 2020

Added Handling Time Editing Ability to Advanced User Settings
Fixed Bugs with Best Offer Setting Bug Fix
Fixed Issues Revising a Listing the Zip Code Location Should Be Updated
Fixed Issues with Update Price on eBay Listings Page
Fixed Item Location Zip Code Not Being Properly Set in Listings
Fixed Issue With Repricing Items with Custom Prices Set
Fixed Issue Revise Not Updating Shipping Location on FBA Items
Fixed Settings Plan Display Bug
Made Changes to Remove Amazon Specific Data from JoeLister Listings

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