Or as they like to say sometimes, “The ChannelAdvisor of Asia”. This post, written by our friends over at Branch 8, highlights the platform they’ve built to facilitate e-commerce transactions in Asia. If you’re interested, head over to Branch8 and register to be on their priority list. 

Ever thought of going beyond your current markets? Ever thought about selling to markets in another part of the world? What if you could do the exact same thing that you’re doing, but reach customers in Asia? All this given it is hassle free and minimal work? Get ready, because we’ve finally found the solution for you.

Market in Asia

You’re probably an expert in selling on e-commerce marketplaces like eBay or Amazon in the US if you’re working with JoeLister. However, the market in Asia is completely different. Where eBay and Amazon dominates 80% of the US market, in Asia, the market is completely fragmented with no market leader. It means if you want to increase your sales, you’ll need to list on multiple marketplaces, which means increase in work.

More than that, the Asian e-commerce market is to hit $1 trillion in revenue and have 1 billion online shoppers in the next couple of years.

That’s why we’re here. Branch8 is here to help you increase your sales with no additional work.

What is Branch8?

We’re a website that help sellers to list and manage products on multiple e-commerce marketplaces. We hope to be the one place for sellers to sell on every marketplace in the world.

You can imagine Branch8 as the ChannelAdvisor of Asia. We’re connected to 15 marketplaces with current focus on Lazada (The Amazon of South East Asia), Qoo10, Linio, Jumia and Amazon. We’re looking to integrate an additional 1 marketplace per month.

Our platform has 3 Basic Features and 3 Advanced Features:

1 2

You can to go to our website to learn more about these features.

What about Logistics and Shipping?

You’re probably asking if the shipping is safe and will it take a long time. You would imagine that shipping from the US to Asia would be a big hassle, but there’s been an increase of shipping providers developing and refining the quality and time it takes to ship from the US to Asia. We’ve figured this out with our partners. It would take 1 to 2 weeks to reach the marketplace customer and rates are quite competitive, so rest assured that we’ve gotten this big puzzle piece figured out for you.

How Does it Actually Work?

It’s 3 simple steps:

  1. Ship from Amazon to Branch8’s dedicated shipping providers
  2. Branch8’s shipping providers will relabel and ship out to Asia
  3. Once the item has been delivered, you will get paid

Come Be Part of the Priority List?

We’ve recently opened up our service for sellers to go on a free 3-month trial to help us test our advanced premium services. We’re hoping you be part of this as well. So it’s simple, just sign up!


7/23/15: A Recap of Updates

Hello everyone – a few updates to the software today, first of which is the multiple options in “Pricing Formula”.

AdvancedSettings FixedMarginPricing PercentMarginPricing

They can be seen under your “advanced settings” tab. Now, instead of using the custom equation (which at default sets your profit margin to be identical to the one you’d get from Amazon), you can easily set a fixed amount or percentage margin by selecting the first or the second option.

You’ll also notice this little addition.

Price Calculator

It’s the pricing calculator that we’ve been working on. It’ll show you in an incredibly simple and straightforward manner what your fees are, for both Amazon and eBay. No more guessing, or paperwork on your part.

Calculator Large ScreenYou’ll see that it’s in the box that appears when you click “edit and list”. We’ve put it there so you could set a different price for every single listing, if you’d like. When you change the value of “your eBay price”, the “eBay earnings” box automatically changes in real-time to show you what you’d earn off of that given price.

The “competitive eBay price” is shown right below to help you decide how much margin you’d want while still maintaining a price that’s feasible for eBay listings.

And that’s it for now – a design overhaul a few weeks ago, an enhanced sign-up process along with that, now a more transparent pricing calculator and a few different options to price your items as well. In the future, we’ll be updating our referral plans so that you guys can get more value out of it than now. Be on the lookout for that, but not to worry – we’ll let you guys know by email when it happens.

7/23/15: A Recap of Updates

A Guest Post: SellerEngine Plus

This post was written by our friends over at SEPlus; if it sounds like something that could help your FBA business grow, head over to SellerEngine and check out their whole array of products. 

It’s no big secret that JoeLister is all about increasing FBA sales. It streamlines the listing process by virtually cloning all their FBA stock across to their eBay inventory instantly. After JoeLister creates the fulfillment requests, the orders are shipped straight from the Amazon warehouse to the eBay customer. What could be simpler?

Funny you should ask, because we’ve come across something that could systemize things even further: SellerEngine Plus. Both JoeLister and SE Plus are powerful tools in their own right, but when you combine the two you get what we like to call a match made in FBA heaven. So, Amazon sellers, lend us your ears, because we are about to introduce you to the daring duo of multi-channel fulfillment.

What is SellerEngine About?

Imagine being able to manage your FBA shipments in one go; deciding what to include in your shipments, labeling them, listing them, comparing prices with your competitors’, and repricing instantly, all in one fell swoop. That, in a nutshell, is what SellerEngine Plus can do for you.

In other words, it takes care of most of the work involved in creating and maintaining your FBA inventory. When synced with Amazon, the data updates seamlessly, ruling out any mistakes. No more overpriced items, no more slow-moving inventory.

SE Plus gives you the latest data on both the items you already stock in an Amazon warehouse, and anything you may be looking to stock in the future. Then, it gives you the tools to make any necessary changes to your listings.

So, instead of sending those products to Amazon only to have them incur long-term storage fees; why not import a list of what your supplier has in stock, and run it by SE Plus? Compare sales ranks, check the competition, and figure out if they’re worth the trouble before buying and sending them out.


Could SellerEngine be Right for You?

You know how you spend hours and hours ordering, checking, labeling and shipping off your FBA inventory only to find that part of it incurs long-term storage fees? Well, SE Plus is a way out of this vicious cycle of nonproductive work because it helps you weed out items that are not likely to sell.

SE Plus has been helping Amazon sellers for 13 years. It’s working every day to keep up with customers’ changing needs, so those who use it can focus their time and their investments on products that are more likely to sell for a profit.

Turnaround times are quicker, FBA storage fees are smaller, and everyone’s happier, including JoeLister. After all, the more you list on FBA, the more data you feed into JoeLister, and the more you sell on eBay.

But don’t take our word for it. Download the free trial, and test the waters for yourself for a whole month. All sellers who sign up and quote JoeLister will get the first two months at half-price after their 30-day free trial is over, as a courtesy of Seller Engine. All you need to do to claim 50% off the first two months is write in to support and mention that you signed up via Joe Lister, and your second payment will be refunded.

A Guest Post: SellerEngine Plus

PSA Everyone: Prime Day is July 15th

RIGHTNOWWith all the flamboyance of a dancing, animated box-man, Amazon announces Prime Day – its own version of Black Friday, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. The date is set to be Wednesday, July 15th, just about a week from now.

It’s not just us reveling at the announcement: take a look at this and this.

Now, we know that this isn’t directly related to JoeLister activities. But we are aware that a bunch of you guys might be Amazon Prime members, and if so, here’s a day to be looking forward to. In addition of the savings, the increased traffic might be a tide that lifts all boats: the increased traffic might result in increased sales for your FBA stock, or anything else that’s sitting around on Amazon.


Of course, the “New deals every day” sign makes an appearance. 

H/t to Amazon for the official page on this. We just hope that it could happen every year, and not just on Amazon’s 20th birthday.

PSA Everyone: Prime Day is July 15th

Long-term Storage Fees: Hitting August 15th


A little PSA: It’s July, and long-term fees are coming.

When are they coming? August 15th. Precisely a month and a half from now.

Will everything I have incur long-term fees? Nope. Only stuff that’s been sitting in a fulfillment center for more than half a year.

Does everything incur the same amount? Nope. There’s two tiers of fees – one for items that’s been sitting around from 6 months to a year, and one for items that’s been sitting around for longer than a year. In terms of cost per cubic foot, the first tier is $11.25 and the second is $22.50.

What tools do I have to check up on my inventory (relative to August 15th)? Amazon gives you this and this, so you can check those out. Alternatively, if you have a good sense of how much it would cost to avoid the fees by pulling out the inventory or discounting prices, you can maybe consider those options if they’re lower than simply paying the fees.

S/O to Amazon, which obviously provides the official info.

Long-term Storage Fees: Hitting August 15th