If you are considering selling on Amazon, the Amazon FBA Calculator is vital tool for evaluating products.

The FBA Calculator can be confusing at first, so we will break down how the calculator provided by Amazon works.

We at JoeLister have a concise, visual explanation for you below:

First find your Amazon FBA product

Enter an item into the Amazon FBA Calculator in the “find your product” search bar. Enter your product item by name and related listings already on Amazon will appear.

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: Pick Product

After clicking on search you can choose the product you are selling.

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: Which Product is Yours?


Enter Your Amazon Product Pricing Information

You’ll see two columns in the Amazon seller calculator; one says “your fulfillment” while the other says “Amazon fulfillment“.

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: Pricing

What’s confusing about the Amazon FBA tool is that the two columns do not interact with each other whatsoever.

“Your fulfillment” is the column that describes what it would be like if you fulfilled the product yourself (i.e. package & ship it out to the customer).

“Amazon fulfillment” is with Amazon taking care of the shipping and storage for you (hence “Fulfillment by Amazon”).

After entering prices, enter your shipping fee you would charge for non-FBA Amazon orders.

What is Your Amazon Fulfillment Going to Cost?

The Amazon FBA Calculator gives you a convenient way to estimate expenses for products you ship on your own.

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: Fulfillment Costs

On the right hand FBA column of the Amazon calculator enter in the shipping cost per item to ship to Amazon’s warehouses (for eventual FBA fulfillment).

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: cost per item to ship to Amazon

Remember Amazon does not pay for you to ship packages of your FBA products to their warehouses. Ship in bulk and set up an Amazon shipping plan to save money.

We now can take a look at results by clicking the calculate button:

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: The Results

On the left column the Amazon FBA Calculator shows your Amazon profit margin if you do the packaging & shipping.

Wow 22.81%!

Time to load up on some Listerine!

The right column shows your Amazon FBA profit after the cost of Amazon storage and shipping fees. Are you feeling bummed that this is only half the profit?

Double the Profit? So Why Go with FBA? Is FBA Overrated?

So in this example, I left out something pretty vital.

Did you notice what?

In the cost of seller fulfillment field we have a total of $2.45 based on package and postage costs. But we left out labor costs!

“But Kevin, I am going to package these items myself!”

Even if you are shipping these products yourself, consider time spent packaging for a true comparison between Amazon self-fulfillment and Amazon FBA.

This is your opportunity cost and smart entrepreneurs always factor that in.

Drinking Mojitos > Packaging Amazon Shipments

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: Drink More Mojitos and Package Fewer Products

Using FBA could mean drinking mojitos off the dock at Key West while your Amazon business makes you money.

So let’s do a recalculation to keep this real and not consider your labor as free. Even if you hate mojitos, this is time you could be billing hours for someone else or starting another business.

What is an hour of your time worth?

While too low for most entrepreneurs, let’s go with $50 as an example.

For each order you have to pull up the order info, pack the item, tape it up, and print postage. Let’s say you can do a package in 5 minutes.

That gives us 12 packages per hour. So you have a labor cost of $4.16 per package.

You know what is going to happen to the calculations now.

Brace yourself…

How to Use the Amazon FBA Calculator: The Real Results

This is what a fair comparison looks like.

You can have a profitable and scalable business using Amazon FBA to process your orders or work for nothing.

These FBA calculator numbers also do not take into account the increased sales velocity you should expect from FBA sales compared to self-fulfillment orders.

Consider how everyone has become addicted to 2-day free shipping — who does not have Amazon prime now? Even my mother has it (and mother-in-law).

Conclusions on Amazon FBA product calculations

Choosing Amazon FBA for each product may not be a slam dunk, but it is for this example.

You know what else is a slam dunk?

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Happy calculating! You can find the Amazon calculator here: