When I was starting to build out more stores in Shopify last year it was clear that there was no good way to easily import Amazon products to Shopify.

Not to mention making it easy to maintain inventory and automate Shopify sales of my Amazon products.

There are a few apps that promise to help but after trying them out I was not pleased:

  • They were not easy to setup or use.
  • Every time I would revisit the app to import new products, I hesitated to recall the complicated process.
  • There is no unified app to do everything I needed to sell my Amazon products on Shopify. I would have to use one app to list items and then another to process my orders (which did not work reliably).

For me it seemed clear that there should be one Amazon to Shopify app that would:

  1. Be easy to setup and use.
  2. Easily import whatever Amazon listings you wanted.
  3. Have Amazon listings imported to Shopify with fully completed product descriptions, product data, UPC codes, product photos, and everything else you would expect.
  4. Maintain pricing and inventory sync between Amazon and Shopify on my listings.
  5. Allow me to keep Amazon as my source of inventory and not force me to create new content on an external cross-listing application.
  6. Automate Shopify orders of my Amazon products. I want my orders immediately routed to Amazon MCF when someone buys on Shopify.
  7. When Amazon ships out my orders, update the Shopify orders with the tracking information.

Finally there is an answer to these needs for all Amazon Sellers.

JoeLister for Shopify is in Beta and will be releasing early September. Let’s take a sneak peek.

Amazon to Shopify: The Easy Way

In this post we are going to show a sneak preview of JoeLister for Shopify.

We are currently in Beta, but the product is nearing its first master release in early September.

When you have JoeLister for Shopify added to your JoeLister account you will notice that you now see Shopify related menus.

Shopify Filters on JoeLister Amazon Inventory Page

The status filters now have a Shopify Status.

We have a Shopify sales page now.

List on Shopify

Action buttons now have Shopify specific actions available to you.

Easily Create a New Amazon to Shopify Listing

Click the List on Shopify button on the Amazon inventory page and you will see a popup.

Amazon to Shopify Listing Popup

Click yes and your product will be moved over to your Shopify store.

It really is that simple.

Imported Product Details on Shopify

As you can see, all of the product details have been ported over — even the images.

Shopify Product Images

Everything is looking good with this one, so I am going to publish it over to my Shopify store.

Publish Shopify Product Listing

I put this in the Random category on my store, let’s see what happens:

Shopify Product Listed in Store

And there it is!

How Does the Product Listing Look?

JoeLister for Shopify makes it easy as we port over all your Amazon product data into Shopify.

Now we have a complete listing already prepared for us by JoeLister.

We have product details, the Title, Pricing, Quantity, and Images of both the front and back of the product.


Bulk Listing from Amazon to Shopify

To bulk list from Amazon to Shopify just select the items you want to move over to your Shopify store.

Bulk List to Shopify

And then just select List under Shopify in the bulk tools menu on the top right.

Bulk List to Shopify

Now those three products are moved over to Shopify for me to publish to my Shopify store — all in one step.

Advanced Shopify Settings

Let’s walk through the different Shopify settings for JoeLister users.

Preferred Listing Quantity

Consider that you have 1,000 items of a certain SKU in stock on Amazon, for a variety of reasons possibly you may want to always show a different number available on your Shopify store.

Maybe for marketing reasons you want to make the product look more scarce, so you chose a value of three as the quantity available on your store would be displayed as three available to buy — even though you have many more than three in stock.

Note: Once you had only two in stock of course then we would display two as the number available.

Visibility on Imported Products

If you have many items and are short on time you may choose to have imported Shopify products from Amazon publish automatically.

If you want to take your time and make sure everything is perfect first, you could choose to have items your Amazon products import into an unpublished state on Shopify.

Auto-create product type

JoeLister can auto create Shopify product types for you or you can choose to pick your own.

Auto-create product tags

JoeLister can auto create Shopify product tags for you or you can choose to pick your own.

Auto-create vendor

JoeLister can auto create Shopify vendors for you or you can choose to create your own.

Inventory Sync

If enabled this will ensure that we update the available inventory of your Shopify product listings to make sure you do not sell items, you no longer have in stock.

Inventory Master

Choose whether you want Amazon or Shopify to be the master of truth to determine what your inventory stock amount is.

Pricing Sync

We can automatically update your Shopify pricing based on changes to the related Amazon listing.

End Price With

If you want to end all prices with .95 as in $29.95 — you could set this preference in place for easy automated pricing in the way you want.

Automatic Fulfillment & Sales Processing

Many Amazon sellers prefer that Shopify sales for Amazon FBA products automatically route to Amazon MCF for packing and shipment.

But you can turn this off — maybe you have your own 3PL or fulfillment solution in place.

Shopify Pricing Settings

Let’s go over how the pricing settings work for your imported Shopify listings from Amazon.

These settings make it easy to automatically have your Amazon to Shopify listing priced exactly how you want.

Shopify Pricing Formulas

Sales Price — Percent Margin

This will have your automated sales pricing set to change based on a percentage. Either higher or lower.

Sales Price —Fixed Margin

This will have your automated sales pricing set to change based on a set amount. Either higher or lower.

Compare at Price — Percent Margin

This will have your automated compare at pricing set to change based on a percentage. Either higher or lower.

Compare at Price — Fixed Margin

This will have your automated compare at pricing set to change based on a set amount. Either higher or lower.

Shopify Sales Page

The Shopify sales page will display all of the sales from your JoeLister listings of Amazon products.

You will be able to see details and status of all sales to know what the FBA order ID or tracking information is.

Shopify the Easy Way!

Get Ready for some Amazon to Shopify Listing

There has never been an easier or more effective way for Amazon sellers to populate their own Shopify store.

As we have discussed recently, there are many benefits to having your own Shopify store to expand your business.

If you are ready to get started, we do still have a special pre-release offer for JoeLister for Shopify.

Get $100 off while the offer is still available.

Learn more at: https://shopify.joelister.com.

* Please note we may include affiliate links in some posts. But only for products we use personally and have deep faith in.