August JoeLister Updates: MFN + UK/Canada Support


Whereas the previous two month’s of updates largely had to do with design and updated pricing calculator/features, this month’s updates focuses more on expanding the range of JoeLister in terms of what you can sell and where you can sell from. Here’s the primer:

  1. MFN is now supported. Short for Merchant Fulfillment Network, MFN is when you ship products to customers directly from yourself. JoeLister makes this easy by making the eBay listing process exactly the same for FBA and MFN products; when this feature rolls out to everybody in a few days, you’ll see a dropdown toggle in your “Amazon Inventory” tab that allows you to switch from your FBA inventory and your MFN inventory.
  2. UK + Canada is now supported. Now, you can use JoeLister to list + fulfill on or!

With these updates, we hope that everyone can take advantage of the cross-listing capabilities that JoeLister has to offer, in more countries than just one.

August JoeLister Updates: MFN + UK/Canada Support

The Other Amazon Guys: Recent Articles About Amazon Employees


You might or might not have heard about the New York Times article that sharply criticized Amazon for its workplace conditions, but it’s there and it’s been causing a whole discussion on workplace ethics in tech companies. But worry not; I’ve aggregated a bunch of the relevant articles in a neat package for you to read.


A scrutiny from the New York Times taking a look at workplace culture inside Amazon: Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace


A pro-Amazon post, attempting to refute details of the New York Times article: An Amazonian’s response to “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace

Jeff Bezos’s own response to Amazon employees, giving his view on company culture at the moment: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Replies to Criticism on Workplace Policies

Reaction from a senior editor at Re/code, in an interview from NPR: Tech Industry Reacts To New York Times’ Amazon Exposé

A op-ed on New York Times questioning if the negative portrayal of Amazon’s workplace culture was valid or not: Was Portrayal of Amazon’s Brutal Workplace on Target?

An official, non-editorial article from the New York Times talking about the responses, including that of Jeff Bezos: Jeff Bezos and Amazon Employees Join Debate Over Its Culture

Hat tip to all sources for the articles, as this is, after all, an aggregation of all the news out there.

The Other Amazon Guys: Recent Articles About Amazon Employees