A Guest Post: 888Lots, a Different Way to Source Inventory

You’ve seen services that help you optimize sale strategies, services that help you list on multiple online marketplaces in Asia, Dash buttons that allow you to order one – that’s right, only one – kind of items from Amazon, and maybe a bunch of blue and orange circles representing data from JoeLister. But have you seen anything like 888Lots? Ok, maybe you’ve seen liquidation services – but 888Lots, with one heck of a distinct name (and a corresponding $88.88 “Lots Master” plan) does this online and pretty much all the time. Check it out. If only for features like “Mystery lot”, this guest post is a pleasure to read. 

888Lots: Who are we?


888 Lots is an online platform for liquidation sales and wholesale lots. What we offer for sellers is the opportunity to buy brand new merchandise from over 100,000 products in more than 30 different categories.

What we offer?

All kinds of different lots specially made to meet the needs of all online sellers.

Our lots and items:

  • Low-cost lots – low-cost items perfect for flea markets
  • Standard lots – all kinds of items on all kinds of prices
  • Branded lots – contains only items from one brand
  • Premium lots – higher per-item values, the lowest possible shipping costs and marketplace fees, and the highest margins possible.
  • Lot of the Day – a special lot on a special price with a flat shipping cost of $8.88.
  • Mystery lot – sometimes our Lot of the Day will be a Mystery lot which contains items without ASIN numbers and barcodes. Everything about it is a mystery, but the price is the real gem. You can expect to buy these lots on very low prices (sometimes even under $100!) considering the overall value of the items in it.
  • Individual items – You have the opportunity to buy just one item instead of buying an entire lot. All of the individual items have high profits.

And if you are wondering how JoeLister can help, you should know that not every item can be sold on Amazon. That is where JoeLister can help you to maximize your profits: by allowing you to sell the items onto a different marketplace.


All of our lots come with as much detailed information as possible, plus a downloadable manifest file with all of your lot content in it.

Detailed information to help you make smart buying decisions, such as:

  • ASIN numbers
  • UPC codes
  • MSRP value
  • OFF MSRP value
  • Detailed manifest file with reviews rank and sales rank
  • Item quantities
  • Item descriptions
  • Last known prices of the products
  • Sorting by different item information
  • and more

Our features

  • The Negotiator – you can negotiate the price of each lot
  • Bulk uploader file – you can download your entire lot content into a file, ready to be uploaded directly in your Amazon seller central saving you hours of work
  • FBA profit calculator – FBA fulfillment profits and fees in real time on our website
  • Email notifications
  • Dedicated sales representative

How we work?


Our plans and pricing

Our team has come up with three subscription plans to meet the needs of all of our customers. You can find more about them from the picture below or if you visit our website.

subs plan

Our Vision

We believe that hard work and service quality is the key to a successful business. Everyone on our team is dedicated to bringing you the best liquidation service. From our warehouse managers to your dedicated sales representative and our developers, we are constantly hearing from our customers and members to tweak and polish our platform so you can enjoy a smoother buying experience from the moment you register to the moment you make your first sale.

If you want to be part of our journey to become the most advanced liquidation platform, sign up now – for free – at our website: 888Lots.

A Guest Post: 888Lots, a Different Way to Source Inventory

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