Or as they like to say sometimes, “The ChannelAdvisor of Asia”. This post, written by our friends over at Branch 8, highlights the platform they’ve built to facilitate e-commerce transactions in Asia. If you’re interested, head over to Branch8 and register to be on their priority list. 

Ever thought of going beyond your current markets? Ever thought about selling to markets in another part of the world? What if you could do the exact same thing that you’re doing, but reach customers in Asia? All this given it is hassle free and minimal work? Get ready, because we’ve finally found the solution for you.

Market in Asia

You’re probably an expert in selling on e-commerce marketplaces like eBay or Amazon in the US if you’re working with JoeLister. However, the market in Asia is completely different. Where eBay and Amazon dominates 80% of the US market, in Asia, the market is completely fragmented with no market leader. It means if you want to increase your sales, you’ll need to list on multiple marketplaces, which means increase in work.

More than that, the Asian e-commerce market is to hit $1 trillion in revenue and have 1 billion online shoppers in the next couple of years.

That’s why we’re here. Branch8 is here to help you increase your sales with no additional work.

What is Branch8?

We’re a website that help sellers to list and manage products on multiple e-commerce marketplaces. We hope to be the one place for sellers to sell on every marketplace in the world.

You can imagine Branch8 as the ChannelAdvisor of Asia. We’re connected to 15 marketplaces with current focus on Lazada (The Amazon of South East Asia), Qoo10, Linio, Jumia and Amazon. We’re looking to integrate an additional 1 marketplace per month.

Our platform has 3 Basic Features and 3 Advanced Features:

1 2

You can to go to our website to learn more about these features.

What about Logistics and Shipping?

You’re probably asking if the shipping is safe and will it take a long time. You would imagine that shipping from the US to Asia would be a big hassle, but there’s been an increase of shipping providers developing and refining the quality and time it takes to ship from the US to Asia. We’ve figured this out with our partners. It would take 1 to 2 weeks to reach the marketplace customer and rates are quite competitive, so rest assured that we’ve gotten this big puzzle piece figured out for you.

How Does it Actually Work?

It’s 3 simple steps:

  1. Ship from Amazon to Branch8’s dedicated shipping providers
  2. Branch8’s shipping providers will relabel and ship out to Asia
  3. Once the item has been delivered, you will get paid

Come Be Part of the Priority List?

We’ve recently opened up our service for sellers to go on a free 3-month trial to help us test our advanced premium services. We’re hoping you be part of this as well. So it’s simple, just sign up!


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