7/23/15: A Recap of Updates

Hello everyone – a few updates to the software today, first of which is the multiple options in “Pricing Formula”.

AdvancedSettings FixedMarginPricing PercentMarginPricing

They can be seen under your “advanced settings” tab. Now, instead of using the custom equation (which at default sets your profit margin to be identical to the one you’d get from Amazon), you can easily set a fixed amount or percentage margin by selecting the first or the second option.

You’ll also notice this little addition.

Price Calculator

It’s the pricing calculator that we’ve been working on. It’ll show you in an incredibly simple and straightforward manner what your fees are, for both Amazon and eBay. No more guessing, or paperwork on your part.

Calculator Large ScreenYou’ll see that it’s in the box that appears when you click “edit and list”. We’ve put it there so you could set a different price for every single listing, if you’d like. When you change the value of “your eBay price”, the “eBay earnings” box automatically changes in real-time to show you what you’d earn off of that given price.

The “competitive eBay price” is shown right below to help you decide how much margin you’d want while still maintaining a price that’s feasible for eBay listings.

And that’s it for now – a design overhaul a few weeks ago, an enhanced sign-up process along with that, now a more transparent pricing calculator and a few different options to price your items as well. In the future, we’ll be updating our referral plans so that you guys can get more value out of it than now. Be on the lookout for that, but not to worry – we’ll let you guys know by email when it happens.

7/23/15: A Recap of Updates

4 thoughts on “7/23/15: A Recap of Updates

    1. It’s right under “action” in the “Amazon Inventory” category. Click “Amazon Inventory” at the top, and it’s going to be a button (multiple buttons, actually) on the right side of the page.


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