PSA Everyone: Prime Day is July 15th

RIGHTNOWWith all the flamboyance of a dancing, animated box-man, Amazon announces Prime Day – its own version of Black Friday, exclusively for Amazon Prime members. The date is set to be Wednesday, July 15th, just about a week from now.

It’s not just us reveling at the announcement: take a look at this and this.

Now, we know that this isn’t directly related to JoeLister activities. But we are aware that a bunch of you guys might be Amazon Prime members, and if so, here’s a day to be looking forward to. In addition of the savings, the increased traffic might be a tide that lifts all boats: the increased traffic might result in increased sales for your FBA stock, or anything else that’s sitting around on Amazon.


Of course, the “New deals every day” sign makes an appearance. 

H/t to Amazon for the official page on this. We just hope that it could happen every year, and not just on Amazon’s 20th birthday.

PSA Everyone: Prime Day is July 15th

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