JoeLister: Redesigned

The new JoeLister is out and about, everybody – with some pretty major design changes to the settings pages, and general redesign throughout.



A cleaner looking interface, hopefully.

Amazon Inventory + eBay Listings still retain their prior functionality, and the help button is still located below.

JoeLister: Redesigned

JoeLister Software Updates: 6/23/15

Joe’s been hard at work adding some of the most widely-demanded features to make your multi-channel selling experience with JoeLister even easier. Here’s an overview of what we’ve added these past few weeks:

Expedited shipping

JoeLister now supports expedited shipping options for all your new listings. The expedited shipping prices are calculated automatically, ensuring that you make the same profits regardless of which shipping option the buyer selects. Read more here.

If you’re an existing JoeLister user, you’ll need to follow these instructions to enable expedited shipping for new listings.

BuLK listing

If you’ve ever wanted to list all of your Amazon items with one click, now is your chance. You can simply click “List All” at the top of your “Amazon Inventory” tab, and JoeLister will automatically list all the items on that page priced according to your pricing formula. You can even narrow down the items to list by search query.

condition MAPPing

In the past, JoeLister only let you list “new” items (or would mark all of your “used” items as “new”). We’ve now created an intelligent mapping between Amazon item conditions and eBay item conditions that lets us pick the right condition for all of your Amazon inventory.


We’ve fixed a variety of issues that were affecting the inventory and quantity syncing on some users. Quanitity updated and fulfillments happen more frequently.

JoeLister Software Updates: 6/23/15